Scholarship Applications for 2018 are now closed!

You may still apply for consideration during Term 2 application reviews pending funding for additional scholarships.

Muli Children’s International Education Program (MCIEP) offers scholarships for children that are entering secondary school or who are already undergoing secondary school education. Scholarships are available for students who show academic interest in the area of science and mathematics and who demonstrate financial need. Scholarship recipients will be required to provide proof of secondary school enrollment or pending enrollment and financial need.

Application Period

  • Applications must be received by the first week in January for the current school year but should be sent as early as possible.
  • All scholarships are awarded by the first week in February.
  • You may inquire of your status at any time.
  • Your application will place you in consideration for a partial or full scholarship to cover secondary school tuition expenses

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Muli Children’s International Education Program Scholarship, you must:

  • Have no fee balances at the time of application
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Score a minimum 0f 325 out of 500 for the KCPE test
  • Must maintain a B grade or higher in either Math or Science
  • Must maintain an overall mean grade of B or higher each term
  • Must demonstrate action plan to achieve set goals
  • Submit grades at the end of each term in a timely manner

Application Procedure

You must submit, by either mail or email, all of the following documents. The documents can either be typed or printed in blue or black ink. Please add your name to each document:

  • Application – A completed MCIEP scholarship application
  • A photograph taken within the last 6 months
  • Letter of Recommendation – At least one letter of recommendation from a teacher, chief, pastor, or principal who is familiar with your academic progress and future goals
  • Academic transcripts and copy of Primary school KCPE results
  • Parent or guardian signature allowing MCIEP to discuss your academic progress with your school
  • Note that in your application, it is extremely important you tell us about yourself, aspirations, hobbies, sports, and community or church activities.

Fill out and mail your application to our Kenya address
Muli Children’s International Education Program
P.O. Box 428, Wanguru
Wanguru Office, Code 316

For questions, email Children’s International Education Program (MCIEP) is a non-profit organization that offers scholarships for children that are entering or are already undergoing secondary school education in Kenya.

Please note: Transcripts will be verified with the school you are attending.

Please use the Kenya address if you are mailing your application from Kenya.