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Muli Children’s International Education Program (MCIEP) offers scholarships for children that are joining secondary schools or who are already undergoing secondary school education in Kenya. Scholarships are available for students who show academic interest in the area of science and mathematics and who demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship recipients will be required to provide proof of secondary school enrollment or pending enrollment and financial need. For questions, email

To be eligible for Muli Children’s International Education Scholarship you must:

  • Be currently enrolled or awaiting admission to a secondary school in Kenya
  • Score a minimum of 325 out of 500 for the KCSE test
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Must maintain a B grade or higher in either Math or Science
  • Must maintain an overall mean grade of B or higher each term
  • Must demonstrate action plan to achieve set goals

If you want us to contact you with updated scholarship news, enter your name and email below, otherwise click the download button to download the scholarship application.

Mail to our Kenya address:

Muli Children’s International Education Program

P.O. Box 428, Wanguru
Wanguru Office, Code 316