Founders Message

Founders Message

Thank you for visiting our site. Let us share how we came to create the Muli Children’s International Education Program.

I grew up in Kenya and faced many challenges that other Kenyan kids face. It was tough, but amidst hopelessness, God found favor with me. When I left Kenya in 2000, I made it in my heart that as God blesses me, I will do my best to bless children in Kenya. I had no idea how this would unfold at that time, but I knew that I had to do something. Deep within my heart was a desire to make a difference. Over the years this desire turned into a responsibility. A responsibility to bring hope to the orphaned and extremely poor children of Kenya and make them competitive in the world we live today. Most of the Kenyan children survive with only one meal a day, but they have hope for a better tomorrow. They are resilient, despite meager resources. Those in school, work hard just like children here in America, but their school life is often interrupted by lack of school fees. They are all competing for the same jobs and chasing the same dreams, but their path is hilly and tough to bear.

As an Engineer, I like to work with real numbers and over the years I have done my own study. I took the community that I come from as an example and this is what I found:

  • All the children have dreams of becoming important people some day.
  • Over 60 percent of the children who complete primary school cannot go to secondary school due to lack of school fees.
  • Approximately 2,000 children in a community of 20,000 people have lost both parents to HIV AIDS and have nobody to help them with school fees.

In a community of over 20,000 people:

  • There is not even one medical doctor
  • There are two engineers
  • There is one pharmacist
  • There is not even one accountant
  • There are around twenty teachers with a bachelors degree
  • Over 70 percent of the children in primary and secondary schools have never seen a computer
  • Over 80 percent of the children in secondary schools and colleges do not know what they want to be when they grow up and have never had anybody talk to them about it

The above findings are true to many communities all over Kenya. The children lack basic tools that other children in the world have but yet are competing for the same resources. There is a serious deficiency in science and mathematics.

God has put my wife and I in a better place than many of these children’s parents for a reason. As a family we feel that we have that responsibility to touch a child and change their destiny, one child at a time. Since 2006, we have helped over twenty children with tuition fees, books, pens, school shoes, pocket money, advice, etc. This has meant a lot to these children and the number of needy children coming to us for help continues to grow. We thank God for all our friends who have given their finances, school supplies, clothes, shoes, etc. The donations have also continued to grow as well.

As a family and following lots of discussions with some of our friends who have supported in this noble cause we decided to set up the Muli Children’s International Education Program a non-profit organization. The organization assists in the work we have been doing and expand the support to communities all over Kenya and East Africa. The word “Muli”, besides being our family last name means  “The forgotten one”  in our native Kamba language. We decided to use this name for the organization since it truly represents people who we are helping, the forgotten children of Africa.

The Muli Children’s International Education Program focuses on providing scholarships to children who show promising skills in Math and Science, areas that are lacking in most Kenya communities. We need more doctors, engineers, astronauts, accountants, planners, computer experts, etc. The foundation will also continue to extend a helping hand to HIV/AIDS orphans and children from extremely poor families. We closely monitor the performance of our children and provide a mentoring program to help shape the lives of these children and give them a hope for a better tomorrow. We call upon all people to join us in providing a sustainable solution to the problems facing our children in Africa and putting them at par with other children all over the world. By your donation you are truly changing a generation; all our children deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.

Thank you for teaming up with us in this endeavor.