The scholarships are funded through generous contributions to the Muli Children's International Education Program by the Muli Family, community groups, businesses, and individuals who value education and want to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate kids in Kenya and around the world.

Our donors support the program’s mission and are looking for students with a particular interest or area of study, such as future engineers, doctors, pharmacists, astronauts, or math majors.

Donors are also interested in providing opportunities for students of a particular background, like those who are the first in their families to go to college or students who just show desire or talent of a scientific nature.



Applications are reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis for the current or upcoming term. Students and their families are contacted directly upon being granted a scholarship from MCIEP. School fees are directly paid to the school account for recipient of the scholarship.


Award Renewal/Removal

Students will continue to be supported through Form 4 (12th grade) providing the following:

  • Grade requirements are maintained of a B or higher grade in Math and Science
  • Report card continues to reflect positive participation

Scholarships will not be renewed for the following:

  • A drop in grades for two consecutive terms
  • Report card reflecting increasing bad behavior or negative participation
  • Continued unruly school behavior reported by the school